Staying Fit While Flossing

Between showering, breakfast and coffee time, primping, and getting dressed, your morning is already jam-packed. And you can’t forget to the at least two minutes each morning you need to spend brushing your teeth, plus some extra time to floss. With all that going on, who has time to get in some cardio before heading to the office to sit all day?


Well, since you know you’ve got at least two minutes of brushing each morning, plus time to floss, why not multitask and get your blood pumping with some basic cardio at the same time? Work on one thing or mix it up; either way, spending just a little bit of time each day on your flexibility, core strength, and balance can make a huge difference overall.

Cultivate Your Core

Building up your core is essential to having good balance, good posture, and even overall good strength. Wall sits are an easy exercise to do while brushing your teeth; they’ll build your core strength over time, and help to improve your posture. You can work on your balance and core by standing on one leg (think a yoga tree pose), or on a balance ball for even more of a challenge.

Move, Move, Move!

You’ve got brushing down to a science by now, so don’t just stand there and watch yourself; get moving! Do some calf raises or leg lifts, or even just walk around the house for your two minutes. You’ll burn a few extra calories and get that many steps closer to your day’s step goal!

Grow Your Glutes!

Want to help you backside look good in your new jeans? Get in some squats or lunges while you’re brushing your teeth. Try alternating between the two moves every 30 seconds, or challenge yourself to increase your reps each day.

Stay Stretched Out!

Not only does stretching help with your flexibility, but it also helps relieve the tension that builds up in your body throughout the day. Try some shoulder rotations, neck stretches, or even use the counter to stretch out your hamstrings. Stretching while you brush, even if it’s just a couple of day a week, can make a big difference in how your body feels.

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  1. What clever ideas for how to stay fit while flossing. I hadn’t ever even considered doing squats while I cleaned the chompers. My wife loves this kind of thing. I’ll have to show this to her. Thanks again!

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