What Happens When You Skip Your Semiannual Dental Cleaning

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It’s recommended you visit the dentist every six months for a professional cleaning and a full dental exam, but it’s all too easy to let the months slip by without remembering to schedule an appointment. If you aren’t experiencing any acute dental problems, you might shrug off the importance of getting your teeth cleaned and wait a few more months. You might even avoid the dentist altogether unless a problem arises that needs attention.

It might not seem important when you think your teeth are already in good shape, but missing your semiannual dental cleaning can actually cause you a lot of health-related problems in the long-term. Here’s what happens when you postpone visiting your dentist:

You allow plaque and tartar to build up.

No matter how diligent your home care regimen is, there are places where brushing and flossing tend to miss, and dental visits will ensure that your teeth get the deep cleaning they regularly need to remove the stubborn tartar that hardens and can’t be removed with regular brushing.

You may be letting preventable conditions worsen.

The early signs of tooth decay and gum disease often don’t have any noticeable symptoms for the individual, but dentists can pinpoint the early signs during a thorough exam. If you skip your regular appointments, you put yourself at risk of letting a mild condition turn into a major problem that can be both painful and costly. Your semiannual cleaning and exam are important preventive measures to help you avoid more extensive treatment for conditions that weren’t caught earlier on.

You may affect your overall health.

One of the fascinating things about oral health is that it mirrors a person’s overall health. People with poor dental health often have other health problems, and dentists are highly skilled at spotting warning signs in the mouth that can point to everything from osteoporosis and hormone deficiencies to heart disease and cancer. Getting a full set of X-rays and a complete exam can help you to monitor your overall health and alert you to symptoms that you may want to discuss with your physician at your next wellness visit (because those are important too).


Dr. Vann wants all of her patients to have a lifetime of beautiful and healthy smiles, and she prides herself on offering comprehensive patient education to help individuals learn the best ways to take care of their teeth, which includes regular dental cleanings and exams.


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