What Happens If You Don’t Brush Before Bed

Vann-Brush before bedtime

Do you ever skip brushing your teeth before bed? Skipping brushing before bed leads to bacteria, acids, plaque build-up and other serious issues that will eventually lead to tooth decay. Kids are notorious for trying to skip their nightly brushing routine…but even responsible, conscious adults will skip brushing from time to time. It almost always comes down to tiredness and time: Many people get to the end of their day, and whether it’s taking care of their kids all day, cooking dinner for the family, finishing a full day at work, or maybe a very stressful life event – sometimes people will fall asleep on the couch, or just not want to get up to do that – one – last – thing…Trust me, it’s all understandable!

However, perhaps the best piece of advice I can give to my patients or anyone concerned about their oral health, it’s this — Find ways to improve your routine. If you keep skipping brushing because by the time you’re going to bed you’re just too exhausted – then brush earlier when you have more energy. The same is true for flossing – find a time of day that works for you, that you can be consistent with – and stick to it.

So What Exactly Happens When You Skip Brushing?

When you eat a meal, the food particles left on your teeth are like food to the bacteria that is always present in your mouth. This bacteria excretes waste products which will wear down your enamel. Over the course of a day, plaque builds up on your teeth and if this isn’t disturbed, it will harden to plaque and cause inflammation. Not brushing before bed will lead to tooth decay, cavities, and possibly gum disease. It can be hard to take care of your oral health when you’re busy with taking care of your family, your job responsibilities, and every other part of your life, but remember, it just takes a couple of minutes a day, and it will prevent serious issues down the road that may be more costly than a couple of minutes of your time.

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