Teach Your Kids to Take Care of Their Teeth With Toothfairy Tales

Vann-Toothfairy tales

Fairy tales are more than just stories; they’re warnings. They’re the way we tell our kids about the world, and how we teach them to be smart, and responsible. If Red Riding Hood hadn’t been talking to strangers, then she and her grandmother might not have seen the inside of a wolf. Ditto the boy who cried wolf one too many times. We want our kids to be entertained, but we also want to slip a message in there. But wolves are the last thing our kids need to be afraid of… which is where toothfairy tales come in.

Teach Your Kids to Take Care of Their Teeth with Toothfairy Tales

The toothfairy is a godsend for parents. She’s there to check your kids’ teeth. And because your kids know their teeth are going to be inspected and evaluated, they have more motivation to keep them clean. Whether it’s a story about how a toothfairy weighs and judges a tooth to determine whether she leaves a quarter or a dollar behind, or a story about what happens to a tooth once the toothfairies have reclaimed it, your kids are listening.

You can’t keep the magic going forever, of course. Eventually your kids are going to outgrow your toothfairy tales, and they’re going to realize what’s been happening this whole time. Hopefully by that time the lessons, and habits, of your toothfairy stories will have taken hold. Because it doesn’t matter why your kids take care of their teeth, as long as they actually do it.

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