How Migraines May Be Related to Dental Health

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Did you know that migraines may be related to dental health? Headaches are never pleasant, and when they are the result of dental health issues, that problem can be compounded. The good news is there are solutions and answers that can resolve these issues. Headaches resulting from dental issues can be traced to a variety of causes, some of which include:

Dental Stress

A common reason for headaches can be dental stress. These are basically tension headaches due to contraction or muscle strain. Signs like clicking or popping at the jaw joints, teeth grinding, or sore jaw muscles may be indicative of a dental stress headache.

Referred Pain

Tooth pain is often felt in the cheeks, gums, or jaws, but it can be transferred to other parts of the body as well. That is the essential definition of referred pain. A single toothache can create headaches as a result of referred pain.

Tired Bite

When teeth become improperly aligned, it causes stress on the muscles involved with swallowing and chewing. This pain can act much like dental stress pain, eventually causing headaches.

If you are experiencing frequent headaches or jaw or teeth pain, we recommend planning a visit to our office. We can examine your teeth and jaw joints to see if dental stress is causing your pain and recommend customized treatment solutions depending on the cause of your specific case. You shouldn’t have to suffer with migraines!

Dr. Vann and our entire team understand the discomfort of dental problems, and we want to provide you with caring professional solutions to your concerns. At Vann Family Dental, scheduling appointments is easy and we provide emergency dentistry. When your teeth hurt, getting an appointment or help fast shouldn’t hurt too!

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