The Best Ways to Pull Your Child’s Baby Tooth

kid's smile with missing teeth

When your child’s baby teeth become loose, crazy methods to help them remove those teeth may enter your mind. Your child tells you they can move their tooth, and having heard that, you may start worrying about how long it’ll take to finally fall out. Instead of worrying, why not learn the best ways to pull your child’s tooth out in order to ensure that removing it is an easy rite of passage, and not a painful childhood experience?

Let It Fall Out Naturally

This is the easiest method. You can allow your child’s tooth to fall out on its own, without interference. The tooth leaves the gums by natural forces, but if no tooth falls out in two to three months of it becoming loose, contact us so we can have a look.

Use Food

If your child is feeling impatient to get their reward from the tooth fairy, you can use food to help ease the tooth out. With this method, give your child moderately hard foods, like apples or pears, and each bite should help loosen the tooth.

Try Wiggling

Using a finger or tongue to twist or shake a tooth out is probably one of the most common methods. Some precautions are essential so as not to infect the gums. You or your child should try not to use a finger to wiggle, but if so, place gauze around the finger. Wrapping the finger prevents the child’s gums from being infected by germs. Firmly grip the tooth, and then, slowly twist it.

When using the tongue, tell your child to gently shake the tooth with his or her tongue. If done too roughly, the wiggling can pain and may damage a few nerve endings. If your child is experiencing serious pain or has an excess amount of bleeding from the gums, please contact us.

Consult Vann Family Dental

Contact us if you worry about pulling teeth out without a professional. We can help pull your child’s tooth out or remedy any problem arising from pulling a tooth out.

We can help loosen your child’s baby tooth or give you instructions on best at-home methods!

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