Do You Have Bad Breath? Find Out If You Do & How to Treat It!

Bad breath is an embarrassing condition. Some people know they have it, but some people have bad breath and don’t know it because others are afraid to tell them. Having bad breath can affect your work relationships or even your personal relationships.


People might not want to get too close to you in order to avoid your halitosis (which is the official term for bad breath). Everybody has bad breath as some point, such as first thing in the morning. But there are some ways to find out yourself without having to ask someone.

Plaque Build-Up from Lack of Flossing

When you use dental floss, take a look at the gunk that is left on the floss. Does is smell bad, or is there blood on it? We call this the “bad breath floss test”. If you have plaque on your teeth that smells bad – it’s because it has been festering there for a while. To stop this type of bad breath, you just need to step up your oral hygiene game. Be consistent about brushing for at least two minutes every day and flossing every day. Your bad breath could simply be caused by poor flossing habits.

Stomach Problems

If you are very good about flossing and brushing, then you might have stomach issues. Acid reflux or other stomach conditions can give you bad breath, and once you treat these, your bad breath will go away.


You could even have bad breath from not staying hydrated enough. Drinking a full glass of water after a meal will clean away harmful bacteria and debris from your mouth that can make your mouth smell bad.

There are many causes of bad breath, but some of the best things that you can do include flossing, brushing, and getting your teeth cleaned at least every six months (or more if you have periodontal disease). About 80% of the time bad breath comes from an “oral source”. This means taking good care of your teeth and gums is essential to preventing halitosis.

Make an appointment at Vann Family Dental to have a teeth cleaning and keep your mouth healthy and fresh.

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