Celebrate World Oral Health Day!

World Oral Health Day is coming up on March 20th! World Health Oral Day is all about celebrating healthy mouths and raising awareness of the importance of oral health!


The World Dental Federation tells us this day is so important because about 90% of the entire world’s population in their lifetime will have an oral disease. And it actually turns out that many of these are very preventable!

Why Oral Health is So Important

The goal for this year’s World Oral Health Day to get everybody to understand why their oral health is so important. Your oral health actually has a large impact on your overall health. This is why preventative oral care is so important!

According to the Center for Disease Control, in the United States, the percentage of adults who have untreated dental problems is 27.4% while for kids, it is 17.5%. Problems with your teeth and overall oral hygiene can quickly spread from mouth issues to overall health issues such as respiratory disease and heart disease. Taking care of your teeth and gums also saves you money. So what steps can you take to celebrate World Oral Health Day and increase your preventative dental practices?

Practicing Preventive Oral Hygiene

First, you can brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily! Your toothpaste should be approved by the American Dental Association or your dentist.

Second, you can visit your dentist, Dr. Vann, on a regular basis! How many times you should see your dentist in a year depends on your case specifically, but often it is twice a year for regular check-ups and cleanings. This allows you to help keep your teeth even more clean and know if there is a problem right away so it can be fixed.

Third, your diet matters! Drinking water, cutting back on the sugar, and getting all of your vitamins and minerals through a healthy diet are all ways you can help your mouth!

See Dr. Vann for a Check-Up!

Just taking charge of your healthcare and doing the right things for your body and especially your mouth can make all the difference! You should take care of your beautiful smile and join Vann Family Dental in celebrating World Oral Health Day!

At Vann Family Dental, we provide the best dental care to make sure you have a lifetime of healthy smiles. For complete preventive and restorative dental care, give us a call today, or simply schedule an appointment online!

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