How Brie Cheese Wards Away Bacteria in the Mouth

Did you know that eating cheese, brie in particular, is a great way to help prevent cavities? It may seem unusual but brie is full of vitamins and minerals that promote oral health and strong teeth. It can even help eradicate tooth decay that is already in the process of forming! Dental Studies That Cheese […]

Over-the-Counter Drugs that Affect Your Teeth

All medications come with their share of side effects, and many of them can actually impact on your oral health. While certain prescription medications, such as the antibiotic tetracycline, have been well-noted for having the ability to cause enamel discoloration, many people don’t realize that some over-the-counter medications can also damage your teeth in surprising […]

Chia Fresca: A Healthy Beverage for Your Teeth & Whole Body

You may be wondering what a Chia Fresca is, or you may already know but are unsure of its health benefits. Well, there is much to learn about this new, widely popular beverage with numerous advantages to your health. What Is a Chia Fresca? A Chia Fresca is a refreshing lemonade-style drink that’s main ingredient is chia seeds. This […]