Paying for Dental Care After You Retire


Seeing a dentist is important at any age, and senior citizens are no exception. Unfortunately, since Medicare plans don’t cover most dental procedures, many seniors are left wondering how to pay for dental bills after they retire. If you’re one of a small number of retirees who has dental insurance with your retirement benefits, consider yourself fortunate. Otherwise, here are three options to assist you with paying for dental care.

Medicare Advantage

Although you can’t get dental financial assistance from traditional Medicare plans, you can buy expanded Medicare Advantage plans that include dental coverage. When you choose one of these plans, you’re still a member of Medicare, but instead of getting services directly from the government, you receive them via a private insurance company.

You can sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan at two points: during your Initial Coverage Election Period, which lasts for three months after you become eligible for Medicare, and during the Annual Election Period from October 15 to December 7, in which case your new plan will begin January 1st of the following year. When comparing and choosing a plan, make sure the plan includes dental care, as not all Medicare Advantage plans do.

Private Dental Insurance

Retirees who qualify for Medicare can’t get a dental plan through the Affordable Care Act, but fortunately still qualify for private dental plans bought directly through the insurer. Dental insurance is usually more affordable than health insurance, and depending on your budget and dental needs, you can get plans offering basic or more enhanced coverage.

In order to pick the plan that fits within your budget and needs, you’ll want to look at several dental insurance companies and compare costs. You can do this research independently or work with an insurance agent to help you choose.


For an annual fee, this unique service allows people of all ages to access dental procedures at reduced costs. Once you join, you’ll be able to get access to discounts on dental work that range from 10-50% off. There’s no waiting period or annual spending limit for this service, and certain plans also have the bonus of also covering some vision and health services.

Paying for dental care as a retiree can seem overwhelming, but it’s possible to get the care you need with a little creativity and planning. Please be in touch if you need assistance or support.

At Vann Family Dental, we accept CareCredit and offer a 10% cash discount to help your dental care stay affordable. Find out about our financial options by calling our office today!

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