Controlling Tooth Sensitivity is Easier Than You Think

While controlling the pain in our teeth and gums is rarely an at-home option, controlling tooth sensitivity is easier than you think. Before we share these helps, however, it’s important to note that these are “in the meanwhile” tips. Vann Family Dental takes great care in assessing each patient’s condition and dental history with incredible specificity. So while at first, tooth sensitivity seems a minor inconvenience, this is often your body’s way of signalling a greater problem.


If you’ve any tooth pain or gum discomfort, it is essential to schedule an appointment. Until we have the privilege of serving you in person, however, we hope these tips relieve your pain and bring you all-around calm.

1. How do you brush?

Hard brushing and abrasive toothpaste are sure to increase tooth sensitivity. Do take care of your teeth and gums, but be gentle. Look for products known for their gentle care and choose a softer brush. If you need a suggestion, please contact us.

2. What do you eat and drink?

Acidic foods as well as fizzy drinks like wine, beer, and certain juices, can lead to enamel erosion. This exposes the layers beneath your enamel, which makes those parts sensitive to temperature among other things. If possible, eliminate citrus, soft drinks, and the beverages mentioned above. This will reduce the likelihood of worsening erosion.

3. Do you grind your teeth or use whitening products?

It’s hard to break habits, especially if they occur while you sleep. Even so, grinding your teeth is never a good thing. Invite your spouse, family, or friends to keep you aware when you are grinding. Note the situations or emotions which often accompany the habit. Whitening products will increase sensitivity when used incorrectly or too frequently. Consider reducing or eliminating use until you see Dr. Vann for assessment.

Unfortunately, correcting poor habits, taking caution of your intake, and brushing gently with the right products will not reverse your sensitivity. But it will control it. We know you can do it. Just try these easy tips as best you can, then leave the difficulty to us.

Vann Family Dental looks forward to serving you!

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