3 Ways Dentures Improve Your Smile

Dentures have grown increasingly popular due to the many ways modern technology has made them more comfortable to wear. They are also more natural in appearance than ever before. In recent years, manufacturers have created a diverse range of options for the patient. You now have more choices when it comes to the materials used as well as how the dentures are worn.

If you have injured or missing teeth due to gum disease or trauma, such as having a tooth knocked out, you are likely looking for ways to get the look and feel of your original teeth back. Luckily, state-of-the-art materials used in modern dentures are an attractive affordable replacement for one or multiple missing teeth.

Three ways dentures improve your smile:

  • 1. Dentures provide facial structure support that would otherwise be altered over time due to bone loss in the jaw.
  • 2. Eat healthier foods and have a healthier smile! Missing teeth can impact our ability to eat the nutritious foods we desire. With dentures, you are able to chew vitamin rich foods that will give you glowing skin and a more radiant smile.
  • 3. You smile more often when you love your teeth! Smiling often increases confidence and self-esteem in yourself and others.

There are plenty of other reasons why dentures greatly improve your smile and quality of life!

If you no longer want to live with one or more missing teeth, Dr. Vann is happy to discuss every option available to you to get back your smile! Call Vann Family Dental today to schedule a consultation! You can also schedule your appointment online.

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