5 Myths About Teeth

The world of health can hold many secrets. Our patients trust Dr. Vann to prescribe treatments and at-home dental practices that meet your dental needs – nothing superfluous about that. We take pride in our conservative approach to dental care – but not everyone shares our opinion on this! There are some wild rumors out there about oral health and tooth care. Here are some of the most laugh worthy ones.

Myths about Teeth

Tooth Myths

Did George Washington really have wooden teeth? If you think about it, you’ve probably heard some pretty crazy things about teeth over time. Here are some of our favorite tooth myths, debunked.

George Washington had wooden teeth.

As well circulated as this rumor is, its just a myth! George Washington did have terrible oral health, however, and lost all of his teeth in his thirties. However, that cherry tree he cut down wasn’t what his dentist chose to replace his teeth with. In the 1700s, the wealthy could choose to use gold, metal, ivory, and even live tooth implants from other humans to replace their teeth with.

If you don’t have wisdom teeth, you’re not… well, wise.

wisdom teeth got their name because they tend to surface during early adulthood, when many people are entering into university or other higher education programs. And, if you don’t have them, that means you’re actually ahead of your peers, in terms of evolution. Back in the day (you know, the caveman days), our third molars were more common because our jaws were bigger, allowing us to chomp on harsh foods with more ease. We’ve sort of evolved out of them because we just don’t need them anymore. So, how’s that for wisdom?

Cavities are caused by sugar.

While it is true that some of the worst cases of decay we see are indicated by a diet full of sugar, the real culprit is bad oral hygiene habits. Not brushing or flossing is actually a more common cause of decay than sugar intake is. So, next time you’re craving that piece of candy, go for it (in moderation, of course), but just be sure to brush or drink a glass of water afterwards!

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