4 Crafty Ideas for Dental Floss this Christmas

At Vann Family Dental, we’ve noticed that there is a chill in the air and the holidays are quickly approaching. Now is the perfect time to start getting crafty with your kids and we love seeing ideas that have that special dentist’s flair. We’ve found some fun and creative ways to use dental floss (we know you’ve got plenty in your medicine cabinet, right?) when making your holiday creations with your kids this year:
Christmas Lights

Dental Floss Molded Bowls.

Wind strands of waxed floss over a ceramic cup or bowl and bake in the oven at a low temperature just long enough for the wax to melt. Allow to cool and trim the edges to create decorative bowls and cups that have a delicate, icy look to them.


Photo credit: megcallahan.com

Garlands, mobiles, and ornaments.

Dental floss is extremely versatile for stringing garlands of popcorn or cranberries for your Christmas tree, but you can also use it for hanging homemade ornaments or constructing mobiles of paper snowmen, snowflakes, or other holiday themes.

Dental Floss Snowflakes.


Photo credit: Sam Kaplan
Take dental floss picks of assorted colors and shapes and glue them on paper in surprisingly elegant snowflake patterns. The cool blues, minty greens, and wintry whites that the picks are usually colored in are the perfect palette for snowy crafts.


You can easily use dental floss for stringing colorful beads and charms to make holiday-themed necklaces or bracelets that your kids can proudly wear as something that they made themselves.

Whether you and your family are feeling ambitious and want to make snowflake art and delicate flossy bowls or just want to keep it simple and string some popcorn or beads while you sip your egg nog, you’ll be surprised at just how much fun holiday crafting with your kids can be.

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